21-Day Fat Loss Challenge: It’s All About Inches, Not Pounds

Perhaps your wedding, prom, or summer vacation is in 21 days and you need to drop a few dress sizes. Of course, the first thing that will linger in your mind is how fast you ought to drop these pounds. If you go online, you will likely bump into numerous articles on how you can shed even 21 pounds in 21 days. Before you act on these findings, first keep in mind what it takes to lose weight safely.

No matter how urgent it is, the goal should be to lose weight safely. If you adopt a rapid weight loss program, you may end up losing more than just the extra pounds. You just might lose your muscles, water, and bone.

To avoid all this, just try the safe 21-day fat loss challenge. It incorporates various safe weight loss programs that help you lose weight both safely and sustainably. Read on and discover these programs and the pounds that you can drop after this 21-day fat loss challenge.

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Does The 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge Work?

Absolutely! The problem is that you may have tried other weight loss challenges and none may have worked before. As such, this too may appear to be a complete and utter lie. Contrary to this, this challenge can certainly help you lose some pounds within these 21 days.

The effectiveness of this 21-day fat loss challenge arises from its incorporation of different weight loss programs. As we all know, cutting out sugar, carbs, or alcohol are not the only mandatory practices for weight loss.Weight loss calls for a calorie deficit, regular exercise, and the consumption of a nutritious, balanced, and healthy diet. If you do not couple all these altogether, then chances are you will struggle to lose or maintain your weight.This should tell you that it is possible to lose weight in 21 days. What matters is which practices you incorporate to help you with this. Those practices should be well-rounded, especially if you want to drop specific pounds in these 21 days.

How Much Weight Can You Lose With The 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge?

When it comes to weight loss, you are usually asked to set realistic goals. By this, experts mean you need to set attainable goals. You will see some people aiming to lose 21 or 30 pounds in 21 days. Although it is possible, it is not healthy and therefore not recommended.

Instead, experts advise you aim to lose 1 or 2 pounds weekly (9). Three weeks total to 21 days. Therefore, aim to lose somewhere between 3 to 6 pounds within 21 days. Such a goal should not be strenuous, meaning it is both safe and realistic.For rapid weight loss you can aim at losing more than this. Again, experts do not recommend this and advise you try such a weight loss program only under medical supervision.

The 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge

The 21-day fat loss challenge is a program that aims at helping you lose pounds within 3 weeks.  You may have seen some 21-day weight loss challenges online. Some may have concentrated solely on dieting, others on exercise or both.

For this program, we will be incorporating various practices to assist you in shedding fat safely and fast. All these practices guarantee you a healthy and sustainable weight loss program. Nonetheless, do consult with your health care provider before you start this challenge.

Usually, experts recommend a weight loss challenge that meets the following criteria (2):

  • Includes an exercise program
  • Is created by an accredited or credentialed professional
  • Advocates for the consumption of nutrient dense and varied foods from all food groups
  • Advocates for portion control
  • Promotes slow and steady fat loss
  • Calls for the design and planning of weight loss meal plans
  • Includes healthy weight loss snacks
  • Calls for a calorie deficit
  • Recommends drinking plenty of water
  • Does not rely on supplements

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