Hi !! I am Deepak Kumar Prajapat,founder of allshiksha.com.
Professionally i am a (Pharmacist) chemist and running a pharmacy store,but running a pharmacy store is not sufficient for me,not in terms of money but you can take it in terms of freedom and peace.
I have been into this field for the last 10 years but i never got satisfied results.But soon when i start working as a blogger after few days i came to realise that this is the exact field i want in really,because this field provides me a peace of mind,fame,money and each and everything that i really want.
Now i am taking blogging as my career job with no restrictions,no work pressure and more to say that you have no boss…
Under allshiksha.com we provide useful information to our visitors about recipies of Indian culture,western dishes,travelling,beauty blogs,home decore and for events too,
So finally at the end I welcome you all to my little world to grab best of my experiences and findings.