Best Rockfish Recipe Step By Step Process

Today here we will let you know the Best Rockfish Recipe Step By Step Process.This fish is very good and in taste because of its excellent white flesh.This fish is good for its quick and easy meals, this dish is favorite in Asian and American cuisines.Rockfish is a healthy, nourishing white fish known for a rich, nutty flavor with a subtle sweetness. Just one fish fillet is high in protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and potassium while low in carbohydrates and cholesterol. Many of the recipes and cooking methods that are used for other white fish such as halibut, striped bass and red snapper can be adapted to rockfish fillets.Best Rockfish Recipe Step By Step Process

What is rockfish ?

  • Canary, Chili, Flag, Green Striped,Boccacio,Starry, White Belly and Vermillion are some of the more common Rockfish.
  • There are almost 100 of species of this rockfish variety in the pacific coast of north america so thats not necessary to choose any particular rockfish as they all are same in taste .
  • These fishes are easily be nopticed by their bony plates on their heads and bodies and the heavy spines on their fins.
  • These fishes can be vary in size and color.The colors may vary from black and green to orange and red, and some have stripes or splotches with big eyes and big mouth that dip downward at the corners.
  • This recipes can be baked, sauteed, fried, poached and steamed.

Taste of this fish.

  • The taste of this recipe is very different as compared to the taste of other fish recipies.The taste of this Rockfish is subtle sweet, nut-like flavor.Their oil content is not too high, making them lean and slightly firm, with a lovely flaky quality.


Ingredients Needed For Recipe

  • One whole fish approx 3 to 4  pound either you take PAN-SEARED rockfish
  • 3 tablespoon of oliveoil.
  • 3 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon fresh thyme, finely chopped
  • ¼ teaspoon sweet paprika
  • salt and freshly ground black pepperrika
  • lemon slices and thyme sprigs for garnish
  • lemon slices and thyme sprigs for garnish
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1 tablespoon flour


Cooking process

Get the cut pieces of rockfish dry and spray some flour over the pieces and just shake it so as to remove out the excess flour and also sprinkle some salt and pepper over the pieces.


Get ready a heavy pan with olive oil and one table spoon of fresh butter. Heat on medium-high until butter is melted but not browned, then turn the heat down to medium.


Put the pieces of fish into the fry pan and allow the pieces to cook for 4 min.Use a thin metal spatula to test the fish.  If you can slide the spatula under the fish without the fish sticking to the pan, it’s ready to flip.If the bone less pieces does not flip once than give another 30 seconds.Automatically they’ll release when they’ve finished cooking.


Cook fish another 2-3 minutes until done. Fish will be golden on both the top and bottom and opaque all the way through when finished cooking.Transfer the fish to plates, leaving the excess butter in the pan. Cover fish to keep warm, or set fish in a 200ºF oven and reduce the heat to medium.  Add the lemon juice and capers, and mix with spoon.You may add some corriender leaves to add taste and fragrance.



Carbohydrates: 8g (3%),Calories: 295kcal (15%),Protein: 22g (44%),Fat: 20g (31%) ,Saturated Fat: 9g (56%),Sodium: 304mg (13%),Cholesterol: 87mg (29%) ,Potassium: 512mg (15%),Sugar: 1g (1%),Calcium: 30mg (3%),Iron: 1mg (6%)



QUES1:Do you cover fish when baking in the oven?

ANS:Bake uncovered 15 to 20 minutes or until fish flakes easily with fork.

QUES2:What is the best temperature to bake fish in the oven?

ANS:Chefs recommend baking fish at between 350° Fahrenheit and 450° Fahrenheit.

QUES3:Is fish better in the oven or pan?

ANS:Baking removes the concern of adding extra fats since it doesn’t require oil or grease to cook the fish. There is another unique benefit to baking over frying. Since frying, both deep-frying and pan-frying alike, use higher temperatures than baking, there is some loss of important nutrients.

QUES4:What is the 10 minute rule for cooking fish?

ANS:Here’s a foolproof method of cooking perfect fish every time: the 10 Minute Rule: Cook your fish at 10 minutes per inch of thickness. And that’s it. This works whether you’re grilling, broiling, steaming, frying or baking your fish.

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