Best Top 7 Trending Hikes In Martinique 2023

For travelers like who prefer a little more action,some kind of adventure than for such kind of people here is a list of Best Top 7 Trending Hikes In Martinique 2023.Places where there is plenty of hikes with a range of difficulty levels. And they all offer stunning scenery and beautiful views. Discover tropical forests, and refresh yourselves with a dip in waterfalls and rivers.So lets start this todays content by introducing Martinique best hikinp destinations.Martinique is the rum capital of the French Caribbean, but rather than this there is more to do on this gorgeous island than drink rum punch while watching the sunset. While it’s a paradise for sunbathers, outdoor enthusiasts won’t be bored either. Two-thirds of the nation is protected parkland, and the island’s well-maintained hiking trails extend 80 miles. Yes, Martinique is a hiker’s dream, and there’s plenty of options for the vertically-inclined vacationer to explore during their visit to this gorgeous island in the Caribbean. From botanical gardens near Fort-de-France to excursions in the Pitons du Carbet mountain range in northern Martinique, we have provided a list of options to accommodate all levels of adventurers.


1:Mount Pelée

Best Top 10 Trending Hikes In Martinique 2023

Mount Pelée is the one of the most popular hiking options in Martinique.Mount Pelée is a dormant volcano and is also the highest point on the island (1397m) . There are several ways to be there, you can start in either Morne-Rouge, Prêcheur or Grand-Rivière. If you want to go for a shortcut and which is also the most common  and also the shortest way than you can go for the Aileron Trail which starts in Morne-Rouge. From Morne-Rouge, go in the direction of Ajoupa-Bouillon and then follow the signs leading to  “Montagne Pelée” until you arrive at the parking lot.

The first part of the trail takes about one hour on an uphill path until you arrive at the crossroads. From here, head to the right towards “2ième Refuge” (2nd station)  around the caldeira or straight to “Le Chinois’’which is the highest point.

The climb to Mount Pelée is an exceptional experience. The nature is different here than in the other parts of the island, as there are no trees, only bushes and various plants. From the top there is an amazing view of the whole island, from the Caribbean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. Decent physical condition is advised. Bring solid shoes, a jacket and check the weather forecast beforehand in order to have the best experience.


2:Savane des Pétrifications

Best Top 7 Trending Hikes In Martinique 2023

La Savane des Pétrifications,the second best hiking destination is located at the end of the Sainte-Anne Peninsula at the southern point of Martinique. As the name itself suggests its meaning to many petrified trees and other pieces of wood. It looks like a small desert area placed in lush, tropical vegetation and the trail begins in an undergrowth adjoining the beautiful beach of Anse à Prunes. Take the small wooden bridge across the water and keep walking onwards. This site offers a spectacular landscape reminding you of the moon. You will be surrounded by many cacti and stones of various shapes. The path is mostly flat with almost no shade. It is essential to take a lot of water, sun lotion, glasses and a hat.

3:Coeur Bouliki (Circuit de Rabuchon)

Best Top 7 Trending Hikes In Martinique 2023

Coeur Bouliki is a natural site located near the Rivière Blanche which descends directly from the Pitons du Carbet. It is situated north of the Saint-Joseph village. The area is very pleasant and is equipped with picnic tables in the middle of the tropical vegetation where you can cool off in the hot weather.

One can start the hike by taking the forest path along the river and pass by the large blue building on the left. The first part of the climbs through goes through the forest and once you get on the top, you will be presented with a fascinating view of the bay of Fort-de-France.

The second part descends through the fields. There is no more markup, but just go straight along the barbed wire fence until you find the road. Go towards the left to get back to the starting point.


4:Boucle u Vauclin

Best Top 7 Trending Hikes In Martinique 2023


This Hike is in a circle type situated on the Atlantic coast through the mangrove forest. It is best to take this walk in sunny weather to see the contrast between the turquoise water and the relief and also to avoid muddy conditions.Once you reach at Vauclin,on must have to follow all the instructionsand the signs until you arrive at the parking of sport center UCPA.You can leave your car and follow all the signs mentioned.You will have to first cross a small authentic fishing village. The first part of the hike goes along the Atlantic coast and the nature here is rough and wild, whilst the second part of the circle goes through a mangrove forest. On the way you can enjoy swim and relax at Trou Cochon.

5:Trace des caps

Best Top 7 Trending Hikes In Martinique 2023

This is one of the longest hiking trails on the island. The coastal route gives you the feeling to discover the beauty of the South Atlantic side, with its coral reefs and its beautiful white sand beaches. This hike is composed of different parts. You can also choose just one of 5 sections: Petit Macabou – Cap Macré (5 km, 2h), Cap Macré – Cap Chevalier (7 km, 3h), Cap Chevalier – Baie des Anglais (6 km, 2h30), Anse Trabaud – Les Salines (5 km, 2h),  Les Salines – Anse Caritan (4.5 km, 1h30).On the way you will pass many interesting spots, such as wild beaches, mangroves, rough nature and breathtaking viewpoints.It is possible to do the whole hike in one day if you leave early in the morning. Be sure to have enough water and protect yourself against the strong sun.You can start the hike from Petit Macabou (Vauclin) or from Anse Caritan (Sainte-Anne).It is best to have two cars and to leave one each on one side.

6:Pitons du Carbet

Martinique's Pitons du Carbet: Uncommon Attraction

The climb up the Pitons du Carbet, whose highest peak, the Piton Lacroix, rises 1,1097 meters, is slightly more rigorous than that of Mount Pelée. But it’s worth it just for the views, and the luscious tropical vegetation that permeates your wild surroundings. Just remember to reward yourself with some rum afterward.

7:Jardin de Balata

Best Top 7 Trending Hikes In Martinique 2023

Jardin de Balata is located around 6 miles north of Fort-de-France and is one of Martinique’s most famous attractions. The botanical garden in northern Martinique is a perfect visit for hikers of all levels of ability, as it is merely an hour-long walk through the rainforest, fish ponds, and bamboo trees. Check out the hummingbirds and the breathtaking vistas, and be sure to check out the gift shop and restaurant before leaving. And, if you didn’t rent a car for this trip, you can still access the Jardin de Balata via a 20-minute public bus ride from Rue André Aliker.



QUESTION1: Can you hike in Martinique?

ANSWER: Martinique is a unique Caribbean island, and that holds true for its hiking trails as well – The island has more than three dozen trails, most of which are well-marked and maintained.

QUESTION2: What is the most beautiful hike?


  • Inca Trail, Peru. Machu Picchu | Photo Copyright: Lana Law. …
  • Annapurna Circuit, Nepal. …
  • Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. …
  • Everest Base Camp, Nepal. …
  • W Circuit, Torres Del Paine NP, Chile. …
  • Samaria Gorge, Greece. …
  • Cinque Terre Hike, Italy. …
  • Milford Track, New Zealand.


QUESTION3: What are the 3 types of hikes?

ANSWER:Though it is up to each individual hiker to categorize their adventure as they choose, I have observed that the vast majority of hikers conform to one of the 3 most popular styles of hiking; peak-bagging, long distance hiking, and day hiking


QUESTION4: What is Martinique best known for?

ANSWER:The Caribbean island of Martinique has become more popular for U.S. travelers over the past few years since airlines began offering more accessible routes. The country is known for its natural beauty, including crystal blue waters and scenic vistas, as well as for its French history and Creole culture.


QUESTION5: What is the most famous hike in the world?


  • Camino de Santiago, Spain. …
  • Kungsleden, Sweden. …
  • MacLehose Trail, Hong Kong. …
  • Trek to Petra, Jordan. …
  • The Long Range Traverse, Canada. …
  • Tongariro Northern Circuit, New Zealand.


QUESTION6: What are the 7 principles of hiking?

ANSWER: The Leave No Trace Seven Principles

  • Plan Ahead and Prepare. Know the regulations and special concerns for the area you’ll visit. …
  • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces. …
  • Dispose of Waste Properly. …
  • Leave What You Find. …
  • Minimize Campfire Impacts. …
  • Respect Wildlife. …
  • Be Considerate of Other Visitors.

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