Orlando To Clearwater Beach-Best Top 4 Easy Drives To Reach.

If you are a travel lover and want to explore something extraordinary than why dont you try Clearwater Beach and which is 106 miles away from Orlando,So lets try a trip from Orlando To Clearwater Beach.Before you visit there let have some basic information about Clearwater Beach.Its a sea area which includes a resort area as well as a residential area.Basically its an island in the Gulf of Mexico in Pinellas country on the west-central coast of Florida. Located just west over the intracoastal waterways by way of the clearwater memorial causeways from the rest of the city of florida of which it is part, Clearwater Beach is at a geographic latitude of 27.57 N and longitude 82.48 W.Clearwater Beach is characterized by white sand beaches stretching for 2.5 miles (4 km) along the Gulf and sits on a barrier island. It has a full marina on the Intracoastal Waterway side and is linked on the south by a short bridge to another barrier island called sand key, where Sand Key Park is located.Orlando To Clearwater Beach

Orlando is a haven for theme park lovers set deep in the heart of central Florida. Clearwater, on the other hand, is a Gulf Coast gem favored by those who crave sand and surf. If you’re hoping to round out your Floridian vacay, it’s only right to visit both cities. Luckily, it’s only 106 miles from Orlando to Clearwater, an easy distance to cover in a multitude of ways.

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Fastest Way Of Reaching Orlando To Clearwater

Orlando To Clearwater Beach


Best Top 5 Easy Drives To Reach Orlando to Clearwater.


1: From Orlando to Clearwater by Car

Orlando To Clearwater Beach

Driving by car is the fastest, easiest, and almost cheapest way to travel from Orlando to Clearwater; only hopping on a bus could save you more cash. Rent a car and hit the highway – you’ll be in Clearwater in less than two hours if you don’t run into traffic. Taking a train or plane are other more expensive, and lengthier options, but they’ll still get you where you need to go.Or you can book an organized tour to sit back, relax, and soak up the sights – literally. A day trip to Clearwater Beach allows you to bask in the sun, shop, surf, or go deep sea fishing, and you don’t have to plan a thing.

2: From Orlando to Clearwater by BusOrlando To Clearwater Beach


One of the best and hassle free mode of transportation to get from Orlando to Clearwater is by bus, but this is far from a direct route. GreyHound buses depart the Orlando Bus Station on N John Young Parkway and arrive at the PSTA Transit Center in Pinellas Park-St. Petersburg anywhere from three hours and 20 minutes to eight hours later, depending on traffic and the number of stops en route. Only one single bus trip is offered daily (in the morning),this depends on the time of year you’re hoping to travel, there may not be any buses scheduled for this route. Be sure to do your research before you leave by checking the Greyhound website, then plan your trip accordingly.

There’s also a bus operated by Amtrak that departs the Orlando Amtrak station and arrives at the St. Petersburg-Clearwater Amtrak Station about two hours and 40 minutes later. Regardless of which bus you choose, you’ll need to find your way to Clearwater from the bus station.


3: From Orlando to Clearwater by TrainOrlando To Clearwater Beach

Planning to go out to clearwater beach than the means of transportation that you must go for is by train.The train can be one of the slowest and least direct ways of getting from Orlando to Clearwater, depending which route you choose. The closest Amtrak station lies about 13 miles southeast of Clearwater in Pinellas Park. Known as the St. Petersburg-Clearwater Station, this also services travelers to St. Petersburg.qawzzx.You will reach your destination by.The train takes around 2 hours and 40 minutes to reach clearwater beach. While you won’t likely need to book a room for such a short journey, upgrading to a cabin is a luxe way to make the journey. Each room comes complete with beds, towels, a private restroom and shower, and free meals.

Once you’ve arrived at station, you’ll have to make your way to Clearwater. To reach clearwater beach fast and in less time than u must hire a cab or use a car service, which will take just over 20 minutes. Another good bet is to board a bus to Clearwater at a nearby curbside bus stop. This will take about an hour.


4: From Orlando to Clearwater by PlaneOrlando To Clearwater Beach

There are no direct flights from Orlando to Clearwater. The closest port you’ll get by plane is Tampa. That said, flying can get you almost to Clearwater, but be warned, it is not a direct route and will take a while, not to mention the fact that it will cost you a pretty penny in the process.  Flying is the most expensive way to get from Orlando to Clearwater. First, you’ll have to book a flight with a company like American airlines or Delta airlines. Their flights leave from Orlando International Airport and arrive at Tampa International Airport eventually. We say eventually because most of these flights involve stopovers in a multitude of places, increasing your flying time to anywhere from two and a half hours to more than 10 hours.


Local Site Seen Points

  •  Attractions, like Pier 60 and the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.


  • Honeymoon Island State Park and Caladesi Island State Park are two of Florida’s most outstanding public state parks.


  •  Feeling the sunshine warm the beach on a beautiful summer day is reason enough to traverse the miles between Orlando and Clearwater Beach.


  • While passing through Lakeland, travelers can visit Florida southern college which holds the most extensive Frank Lloyd Wright architecture collection.


  • Lake mirror park contains beautiful walkways for travelers to stop and stretch their legs outside of the car and relax.


  • The theme park is one of America’s largest zoos, with 335 acres and upwards of 2,700 animals.



QUESTION1: What is Clearwater Beach known for?

ANSWER: Clearwater Beach is famous for its white sands and clear blue waters on the Gulf Coast. Both the beaches in Clearwater Beach and the sunset out at the pier make this part of Florida a must-see. There are numerous beach activities to enjoy on this barrier island, such as swimming, boating, fishing, and kayaking.


QUESTION2:What is a fact about Clearwater Beach?

ANSWER: Clearwater Beach is characterized by white sand beaches stretching for 2.5 miles (4 km) along the Gulf and sits on a barrier island. It has a full marina on the Intracoastal Waterway side and is linked on the south by a short bridge to another barrier island called Sand Key, where Sand Key Park is located.


QUESTION3: Why is it called Clearwater Beach?

ANSWER:Literally translated “Clear Water” from the Native American “Pocotopaug”, the area was named for its abundant fresh springs along the shore. Settled by colonists in the mid-1830s, it was not until the 1890s that Clearwater gained a reputation as a resort community.


QUESTION4:Is Clearwater Beach popular?

ANSWER: Recently voted the No. 1 beach in the United States by TripAdvisor, Clearwater Beach on Florida’s west coast is as family-friendly as it gets. With sugar-white sand, many low-key restaurants, a ton of activities, huge playground and nightly shows, your family will absolutely love vacationing here.


QUESTION5:Why do people go to Clearwater?

ANSWER:It’s the Original Beach Town

Florida is known for great beaches, but there’s only one Clearwater Beach. It always ranks in the top echelon of beaches in the United States (and, on some lists, in the world). And the inviting Gulf of Mexico waters are always right there, just a few minutes away.

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